Opaque Headlight Cleaner Kits

You can ignore the opacity building on your headlights; you do so at your peril, but you can ignore it. Eventually, you will have so little light on the road ahead of you, that you will run off the road at night. A better alternative is to take some time, spend a little bit of money, and clear your headlights. There are several kits on the market designed for this special project.

Headlight cleaning kits include masking tape to protect parts surrounding the headlight while you work, various grits of wet and dry sandpaper, a polishing compound, and a flannel polishing cloth. The kits include directions on use of the materials contained inside. These easy to follow instructions will protect you during the 45-minute project and help you to keep the opacity from happening again.

To obtain one of these kits, come to our Hyundai parts shop here in Hanford, CA today.

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