Tips to Help You Identify a Vehicle That's Been Damaged by a Natural Disaster

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With the recent fires and mudslides we've seen in the areas of California, it's easy for car sellers to cheat buyers into purchasing a damaged model that has been covered up. It happens all the time and for car seekers living in Selma, Visalia, and Lemoore who are looking for affordable used vehicles, here are a few things to look out for when prospecting a pre-owned car, truck, or SUV.

It's simple to see exterior fire damages done to a vehicle, but not all vehicles that have received or flame damage can be seen from the outside. It is wise to do a full inspection of the vehicle you plan to buy before making a final decision. Look over and under the hood for any burn marks or bubbling paint. See if the wires and engine are all in-tact without any melted plastic wires or engine components.

Smoke damage is easy to sniff out. However, leather interior vehicles won't hold the smell of smoke for very long if at all. A few areas to look out for when searching for smoke damage is the ceiling of the cabin for any discoloration in the material. Keep your nose ready and smell around the vents with the a/c on to smell out any smoke residue.

Water damage is relatively easy to find. Look beneath the undercarriage and within the wheels for any rust damage or remaining mud or dangling debris. Check under the hood for any puddles or and rusted components and be sure to listen for any disruption within the engine during your test drive.

It is of the utmost importance to buy a used car with the full CarFax report. Without the background repair or service information, you could risk the possibility of purchasing someone else's problems. Save the hassle and browse our used inventory for your future vehicle purchase and contact our sales team for a test drive at (888) 380.8274, or visit our dealership in Hanford CA. See you soon!

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