Reasons an Engine Overheats

Don't delay when you see the car engine overheating! Your car needs to be checked by auto repair experts if the issue isn't something obvious. Here are a few things you can address before calling for help.

Look to see if the radiator cap is firmly in place. After refilling the radiator with coolant, many people shut the hood and simply forget to put it back on the radiator. Once the cap is off, look to see if the coolant level is too low. Top off the radiator and fill the coolant reservoir to the appropriate level.

Check to ensure that the hose clamps have the end of the radiator hoses firmly in place. Look to see if the fan belt is tight; it should not be so loose that the the opposite sides of the belt can touch when squeezed together.

Bring your vehicle to Hanford Hyundai so our team of car repair specialists can carefully inspect the entire cooling system for issues.

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