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Buy or Lease the Hyundai Kona EV at Hanford Hyundai

Just by mentioning the name of this exceptional Hyundai vehicle, it pretty much summarizes everything you need to know about it. It is an electric version of the Kona crossover SUV from Hyundai. It's safe to say that the Hyundai Kona EV provides any Hanford driver exceptional performance thanks to its potent powertrain. It comes with so much that we here at Hanford Hyundai cannot possibly cover it all in this page, but we will certainly provide some highlights.

An Overview of the Hyundai Kona Electric at Hanford Hyundai


The Kona EV prides itself on giving you innovation and efficiency with its all-electric powertrain. Since it only runs by electric capabilities, the Kona EV saves you a lot of fuel money. At Hanford Hyundai, we want you to have a vehicle that speaks nothing but confidence as you drive it every day to work or as you cruise around Selma. This EV has a capable lithium-ion polymer long-life battery system that guarantees you exceptional performance when fully charged. It also offers you a spirit-filled driving experience, which makes it a fun car to drive around California.


The exterior features of this car are nothing but spectacular. Everywhere you set your eyes upon the Kona EV, you will not miss something that intrigues you. The ratio of glass to body panels is perfect. Additionally it has silver and grey accents that blend in nicely with any color you prefer, and its LED headlights speak elegance with their razor-thin shape.

For its various trim models, the Kona EV showcases different colors to differentiate them. The roof rack and the fog lights are not featured on the lower two trims. In any trim, the Kona EV has the looks that a good number of small crossovers around Tulare can only wish for.


Hyundai invests in some exquisite interiors on their cars, and this crossover is no exception. The Kona EV is spacious and its back seats are positioned in a normal position so that people upfront get ample leg space to enhance comfort. About cargo space, there's enough space just behind the rear seats, and you can enhance even more space when you fold them. All the seat controls are easily accessible, i.e., in arms reach, and are nibbled to eradicate confusion.


The Kona EV's tech features are unique. It features a magnificent infotainment system that is user-friendly and houses various features like both Apple and Android smartphone capabilities, navigation, and many other desirable features. It also comes standard with a display that is much more upgraded as you advance in trim level. The EV has a heads-up display that aids the driver in keeping track of where they are going around Visalia without taking their eyes off the road.


The Hyundai Kona EV is always on the lookout for potential accidents with its high-tech safety features. With a Front-collision alert system, the Kona EV can warn the driver when they are approaching a stationary or slowing vehicle ahead of them on the roads of Fresno. If the driver doesn't act, the car can immediately brake to avoid unnecessary impact. It also features lane-keeping assistance that can apply corrective steering and braking when the driver drifts into another lane. With its available high-beam LED headlights, it can automatically dim high-beam headlights when it detects approaching traffic to ensure the safety of others.

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